Welcome to A Baseball Community, Inc.

(aka "The ABC Coalition")

Baseball has been a part of our community’s fabric and history for nearly a century.

It’s a tradition here that goes back to the days when the game’s immortal Branch Rickey proclaimed St. Petersburg, the spring training home of the 1914 St. Louis Browns, “the greatest place in the world”.

Today, nearly a century later, we couldn’t agree more with this titan of baseball – that we live in a very special place, in very exciting times.

Now, it’s time to anchor and ensure one of the most exciting parts of our shared experience here by discovering what it will take to make Major League Baseball the kind of long-running success Branch Rickey had envisioned so long ago.

To that end, I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to lead this community-wide effort, one which will examine every meaningful ingredient that goes into a successful major league baseball franchise.

This effort will be inclusive and transparent, begin without bias or preconception, and will explore everything from corporate, community, and fan support to the possibility of a new stadium facility.

Nominations for the ABC Board will be accepted online, or by mail, up until our deadline of midnight on August 4, 2008.  Know that I welcome you to be a part of this journey, and to explore this site in the months ahead for updates and information.

Together, we can help ensure that the next century here is marked by good fortune, good feelings, and GREAT baseball.

Welcome to "A Baseball Community".  Welcome to the future!


Jeff Lyash

A Baseball Community, Inc.